Monday, June 29, 2009

An Outstanding Day! I am a winner!


     I had a post all planned out today in my head, but as soon as I fired up the laptop this morning, the wheels fell off. No, there was nothing wrong with my PC, I opened my email and found that I had won a contest!

     Not any small contest, mind you. I was the winner of 5 Minutes for Mom and Hebrew National’s $1,000 4th of July Barbecue of Your Dreams!

     My great ideas for a post were thrown out the window because I have spent the day doing happy dances and making plans.

     I can’t thank 5 Minutes for Mom and Hebrew National enough. My 4th of July plans were nil, but now they will be out of this world. Do you think that GW still has some cool 4th decorations?

     Stay tuned though, because once I come down from cloud 9, I need some advice on my freebie headboard and nightstand transformation.

This color challenged piece has been painted, but I feel that it needs more. (below is the before, I am not unveiling it painted yet)

This is where your great advice will come in…


1 comment:

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Wow congrads on the win


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