Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Have you used ReStore?

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is a GREAT resource for frugal home decorators. Habitat ReStores sell new and used building materials/surplus for pennies on the dollar.

Now, hearing building surplus, you may think what are they going to have for me. I don’t need 2 X 4s. They have everything! Need new knobs for that great armoire that you just painted? They have them for 50 cents. Need a low cost lighting fixture that you want to give your own touch too? They have many to choose from. Want a door that you can transform into a headboard? What size?

Seriously, I think that I enjoy going here more than I do thrift stores and garage sales. The donations are always coming in, so there are new things every time.

Last week, we needed a shop light or two for the garage. We were able to choose from many and picked them up for $2.50. We had to go get bulbs at Home Depot and they had the same lights for $39.99. (That is a savings of $37.50 each!)

They also have things that you didn’t know that you needed…..


I had no idea that I just had to have this ceiling medallion. I just looked at it and it said, “Buy a little mirror for me and paint me.” So for $2 plus a $1, 6” mirror from Michaels, I will have a great mirror for my wall.(Okay, I have to paint it first, but you get the idea.)

As I scoured the well organized shelves at ReStore, I came across something else that I had forgotten that I needed. One of those toilet repair kits for a whopping $3. My toilet has been driving me nuts, running and running and running. It wasn’t noticeable to my partner in crime, since he doesn’t use that bath, so he didn’t care to fix it. Have you ever tried to take a relaxing bath with a trickling toilet right next to you? Not cool.

I can’t say enough about how much you need to check out the Habitat ReStore if you have one in your area. Where else can you get lighting, a mirror for you wall and finally, a relaxing bath for under $10??




FrugalMom said...

What a great post Gwen. I just learned about the restore in our area a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot wait to go explore. My husband is handyman by trade, so the day we finally get our own house I know this will be the perfect place for us. I think the one close to us is about 20 minutes away though.

Gwen said...

The one near me isn't all that near to me either, but it is worth the trip. Make sure if you are ready to try it, that you call and check the hours. Ours is only open Thursday thru Sunday.


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