Friday, July 17, 2009

I blame it all on beer….


     Today is the anniversary of Mr. M’s and my first date. He is at work right now so I thought that I would explain why I blame my current project, his study, on beer.

     4 years ago today, I called him and asked him out for a beer. I know, beer isn’t very girly, but at the time I liked it. Get over it. Truth be told, I had actually had a beer before I called him just to get the courage to make the call.

    We went for said beer at a great local restaurant called Tahoe Joe’s. I nearly fell off of my chair when he ordered the same kind of beer that I had. I swear, it was from shock, not because I had already had one! That beer was Fat Tire Ale from New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado.

     Fast forward a couple of years…..we had a few more, moved in together, yadda, yadda, yadda. I actually jumped on the wagon, but we still remember Fat Tire fondly. One day, he brought this home…..

     You have to give him credit for being romantic. What girl doesn’t want a neon sign reminding her that she was once a party girl? It is the thought that counts…repeat 3x.

     It collected dust for a bit, but now that we moved, he has his own study. Well, I use the book shelves and the printer, but that is it, I swear.

     I painted an accent wall blue with paint that I got from ReStore, hung that bad boy up and I was done. Done? NEVER. This week I have been on the mad dash to make his study a bicycle themed room to go with that neon symbol of our love.

     So far I have done two paintings, using the blue wall paint as a backdrop……..

     I went out of my comfort zone, walked into a bike store and asked for some throw away wheels. They gave them to me for free, I was so excited. One even had a big fat tire, but it is getting cleaned.

     I painted that $15 chair that we got last week in a glossy black.

Yes, that is the ugliest carpet you have ever seen. What can I say, this place is a rental. The landlord actually bragged that it was the original carpet!

     I usually hate themed rooms, but this one is coming together well. I am still working on a painting or two and waiting for a few things in the mail. What do you think of the pieces?

     Like I said, I blame it all on beer. Happy Anniversary Mr. M. May we celebrate many more and please smile tonight when my crepes look great, but taste awful.


Kammy said...

I like it Gwen ! Your huney is so romantic !
I work in Fort Collins - so you Fat Tire had me magnet in ! Of course , it is pretty popular here. I will have to keep my eyes open
for any Fat Tire stuff !!!
Hugs ~ Kammy

Dawn said...

What a cool story. And your paintings are awesome!I love a good theme room. Of course I grew up in a home with a garden room, an Americana room, a Coke-a-Cola room...

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love the story about the Fat Tire beer. Sooooooo romantic. And THANK YOU for putting the painted chair up. I haven't been able to sleep. Now that I've seen it, I can go take a nap. :)

Struggler said...

This is great! I'm never too sure about themed rooms either, but when there is a meaning behind it, then I think it's wonderful.

Did you really do these paintings yourself? They're fabulous - really fun.

Luckily I'm not doing a similar theme, as it would have to be something like pot pie, which was our first topic of conversation. :)


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