Monday, July 6, 2009

Did you ever throw a party and no one came?

     Okay, that isn’t what happened at all, but it feels a bit like it. We threw this grand 4th of July BBQ, sponsored by Hebrew National and I couldn’t find the charger for my camera. BTW, have you tried the Hebrew National Knockwurst? OMG, out of this world!

     The tablescapes were nice until they blew away with the ocean breezes. We had to move everything inside. Every pot had it’s own little flag until Murphy Grace stole them all and buried them.

     MR, M’s daughter and her friends didn’t show, but my parents were surprise guests. My mom used the camera on her phone to snap a shot of the reinvented tablescape.


     Even with all of the oopses and weather issues, it was a great BBQ with friends, neighbors and family.

     After the food, we headed over to Morro Bay, CA to watch their new fangled laser show. We sure hope that they have REAL fireworks next year because we were not impressed. It has become a tradition to watch the real ones over the water, sitting on my parents deck. With the laser show, you couldn’t do that, you had to go down into the crowd of 8,000 people. I am just not a crowd person. Still anytime spent with my parents and Mr. M is a great time!

Here is to a better prepared Gwen next year with the bang and boom of fireworks. I hope that everyone was safe and had a grand time.

One small step for man, one giant nap for Murphy Grace. While he naps, I have been sanding my new finds……..does everyone hate sanding as much as I do?


Dawn said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't find your charger and the wind didn't cooperate. We had a pretty cool, windy evening on the 4th too. At least Murphy Grace left one flag standing! Maybe you should check one of those holes for your charger!

My dad grew up in SLO and my sister went to Cal Poly SLO. We went to Avila beach and Morro Bay often as kids. I don't think I've been since Avila got "remodled" about the time my sister graduated.

Hope you find that charger soon, Labor Day will be here before you know it so you can have a "do-over"!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Of course, we all hate sanding. Laser light show? I think not. Except our dear departed dog hated the fireworks. We could hear them locally and all the way from Chicago. She became a wreck. Is you beauty bothered by them?

Struggler said...

I guess Murphy needed a nap after running riot with all the flags!

Yes, sanding sucks. It's probably the equivalent of eating cottage cheese when on a diet; good for the end result but totally bleaarrgh.


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