Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sharing the Love with Indie Fixx & 1canoe2


Last month was the month of giveaways in blogland wasn’t it? I loved it and it was a great opportunity me to get to know so many great artists and find some new blogs. (I am now subscribed to 171 blogs, no wonder I never get anything done)

One blog that I was already a big fan of is Indie Fixx and she did a series called 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping with a giveaway for every store/shop that she spotlighted.  Have you been there? She is the genius behind Feed Your Soul and a lot of other great things.

It was a great way to explore a lot of Etsy artists that I hadn’t seen before.

Let’s just cut to the chase, we all know why I am writing this post. I WON a $75 gift certificate from 1Canoe2! Actually, I had been drooling over 1Canoe2 for a while before the giveaway, how could I not with beautiful letterpress beauties like this 2010 calendar….

Or this recipe box, complete with dividers and beautiful cards..

Or maybe a print from your favorite State?

Beth was very sweet and sent me her beautiful recipe box, extra cards and a print from her trip to Barcelona just in time for Christmas gift giving.

Recipe Cards --20 pack addition

Barcelona Print

The print now has a frame, but I am still deciding on a home for it. The recipe cards? Well that is a work in progress. I am waiting until I have a good handwriting day. (Am I the only one whose handwriting is different depending on my mood?)

So don’t forget to check out Indie Fixx and 1Canoe2 and I thank them both for the art and skills.


Monica the Bride said...

You win the bestest stuff! So jealous. I love that calendar though, enjoy your gift certificate!

FrugalMom said...

Congratulations! That is definitely a great win!

Dawn said...

That's some pretty neat stuff there. I've got to check out those sites.

I still think your best win was the 4th of July, what was it ~ a party from Hillshire Farms? Anyway, all that work you put into the decorations and Murphy tore it all up. AND your camera battery was missing so you didn't have any photos! Seems like a long time ago huh, time flies when your blogging!

Struggler said...

I'll enjoy checking these out!
As for handwriting, I think mine is getting worse because I do so little of it these days. Even my to-do lists seem to get typed in a Google doc.

marmielu said...

I love Etsy! My daughter has had a shop off and on for some time. (It's been off, and now she is thinking of it being on again.) I love the incredible talented people and all the indie sellers of various things I always want. I will definitely check out your links.
Yes, I have noticed that about my handwriting. Sometimes I wonder if the bank will refuse a check because my signature is slanted a different way!
BTW - I love the things you've shown here.
Mary Lou

Tori said...

Congrats, those are great!!
I just found your blog, so nice!


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