Sunday, January 3, 2010

A bit of Bling for the New Year


Christy at Embellished Bayou has reawakened a monster in me with her posts about beading. (see here, here, and here)

I used to make a lot of jewelry and have even been known to make my own beads to get just the color that I wanted. Well, the desire to get back into a hobby that takes up little space, has no dying time (unlike painting), can be used and shown anywhere at anytime is back.

So I have been slowly building up my bead stash by buying up items from Artbeads, Fire Mountain Gems, Ebay and a few other stores. By New Year’s Eve, I was ready to get busy. I fired up the torch and went for it.

The one thing that I didn’t see as being a problem was my camera. I am working on that issue, but bear with my cheesy shots until I get that fixed.

Here is Murphy Grace’s face when I started up the torch in the house…….

He was scared, but then again, he is scared of the Zhu Zhu pet. (notice, he even had his blankie on, big wuss)

How is the first week of 2010 shaping up for you? Picking up any old habits like I am?


Kammy said...

Hi Gwen !
Poor Murphy pups love to hide in the blankeys too !
That is great that you are picking up such a neat hobby ! I do think that beading is huge right now because of all the aisles I see at Michaels ! I am staying away from beading - I need to pick up my quilting and painting :o)
I think I am going to work on my quilt hanger soon...
Happy New Year !

Lucy Marie said...

I love them! The last one is my favorite. I have never really done any jewelry making. Perhaps add that to the list of things I should try!

Struggler said...

Please help the ignorant, what does the torch do? Is it like a soldering thing for sealing joins, or is it needed for the beads themselves?
I'm afraid the only habit I'm re-establishing is dreading work tomorrow. Oh dear. So much for a brave new year!

Jane said...

I love that picture of Murphy made me laugh! Your bead work is beautiful. I'm glad you're not letting such a talent go to waste.

Embellished Bayou said...

Girl, get your bead on! I'm so impressed that you make your own beads, glad I could inspire you to pick up your old hobby!

Dawn said...

Those are beautiful Gwen!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love your creations. Your color and shape sense is just divine.

Poor Murphy lab is likewise terrified of anything burning -- she was teased with burning things thrown at her before we rescued her...but it made her nuts so I am very careful to burn candles and such only in the fireplace, she is okay with that...

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

HAHA poor Murphy Grace! My mothers dogs do that when I get out my camera. LOL They go nuts. Your creations are gorgeous! Glad you are continuing to be creative in so many ways! Keep firing!

Maria Killam said...

Gwen you are so funny! Great post and lovely jewelry, I wish I could make my own, it's so expensive!!

FrugalMom said...

Wow, you sure am a woman of many talents. I love that first one with it's soft colors. I will admit that my creativity is very limited these days, as it seems like I am always interrupted.


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