Monday, January 25, 2010

Comfort Living by Christine Eisner


Update on my arm: I am slowly starting to get back to normal, but have a long way to go for full movement. Sonny is still with us and I just steer clear of him. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WISHES:).

One of the many jobs that I have is as a book reviewer. I don’t just love reading, I live for it. The job doesn’t pay anything really, but I get to do something that I love and there is a never-ending stream of newly published books coming in my door. 

This month, I was given the chance to review Christine Eisner’s book, Comfort Living: A Back to Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle. Not my usual genre, but with Murphy Grace Home in mind, I jumped at the chance.

 Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle

Part decorating, part life exploration, the book took me on a journey.  Apparently, I am not alone in looking at it as a journey, because there is also an accompanying spiral-bound journal to go with it.  

Eisner focuses on streamlining your decor so that it not only looks beautiful, but it enhances your life.


The first chapter talks about finding the treasures and obstacles in your life. I think that you can figure out the treasure part, so let me tell you about the obstacles-

  • Is everything you need in order to leave the house scattered and are you always forgetting something?
  • Is making your bed a dreaded chore because you have tons of decor pills and other “extra” fluff on it?
  • Is your desk or work area so cluttered that finding something makes you feel like Indiana Jones?



Overall, it is an interesting book and really spoke to my heart. Home decorating is about not only the tchochkes, it is about creating a haven that makes your life better, easier, and more balanced.

Do I have to use disclaimers now? I got the book for nothing, but my opinion is worth more than a free book. (of course, that is also my opinion too)


Jane said...

This sounds like an interesting book, especially the part about the obstacles. My studio is a big obstacle right now and I need to streamline things in that room. I go in to work on a project and can't find the things I need because of the is creating a big obstacle to getting anything finished. Thanks for the review.

Joanne said...

I like the sounds of this book ... I love being home, because it definitely is a haven of peace and comfort and the book sounds like it really taps into that essence.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Just thinking about obstacles is very useful!

Glad the arm is better...I am uneasy about Sonny...please be careful...

Struggler said...

Sounds fascinating; I'm not a total Feng Shui addict but I do believe in the connection between an orderly, welcoming home and my feeling of wellbeing. Your word 'haven' just about sums it up.

And in case you don't subscribe to all comments on other blogs (I don't, it would drown me) I wanted to say you have my utmost sympathy regarding Maria Killam's opinion of your leather couch. I think she's phenomenal but on several occasions she has shot my high-style ideas right out of the air! We were in the middle of re-doing our bathroom when I read her views on pork chops and it caused me a couple of days of total turmoil before we just went ahead anyway. :)

Struggler said...

And more importantly, I'm very glad your injuries are starting to heal. Rather concerned Sonny is still in the picture but I imagine you & Art will do what has to be done in the fullness of time.

Dawn said...

Your comment was so funny, I feel so bad for guys named Earl, they really get a bad rap!

I feel like Indiana Jones whenever I walk through my front door...which is probably why I can't find my battery charger. I know I put it somewhere special so I wouldn't lose it...

Maria Killam said...

Hi Gwen, what did I say about your leather sofa? Oh no--it's not personal I have just seen so much leather in my decorating, colour consulting days I was simply pointing out that choosing colour for a sofa is hard for people which is why they go with leather (like I did when I was first married). Hope I didn't offend too much!!

marmielu said...

First of all, I'm glad your mending.
Secondly, wow, girl! what a great thing to do! Who cares if it's not the best paying job, how wonderful to do that. Now, on to the book. It sounds interesting. You know, I have this love/hate thing with simplicity. At some level I yearn for decorating simplicity, but then I can't stand empty space. I also can't stand dusting, so that keeps me from too much clutter. :) I enjoyed the review.
Mary Lou


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