Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Genie of a Lamp and Things to Do with Burlap #4

    I have shared this lamp before that I picked up for peanuts…..    

     A bit brassy and I don’t mean the good kind of brassy. A simple spritz with spray paint and I know have this jobbie to light up my life.

     On to “Things to Do With Burlap”, California got hit with a major storm last week. I was gone, but thought that my stash of burlap would be safe under the patio cover. I was wrong! The stack got a bit damp so today I decided to cover part of my driveway in burlap.

     Okay, it isn’t really a burlap project, but it made me grateful that we have a really huge driveway!



Kammy said...

Wow, I thought you were burlapping the drive way - girl you are going nuts....LOL ! Good thing you got them dry before they spoiled !
Lovin the lamp !

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You really have an amazing stash there! LOL! I love that it covered your whole driveway.

Happy Met Monday...


Sheila :-)

Jane said...

Burlap pavers....let's see if that catches on in blogland! Glad you were able to get to them before they were ruined. Can't wait to see what project you have in store for all those beauties!
Have a great week.

Alicia said...

We only received about a quarter inch in our neck of the woods, but it sure was nice. Now it's terribly humid though. Love the lamp.

Embellished Bayou said...

Ah, the lamp looks much better now! Hope your bags dry out nicely so you can show us some more projects!

Rebekah@Red's Nest said...

Too funny! A burlap driveway - I do love burlap.


Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

The lamp is wonderful, what a great redo, you would never think that ugly lamp could be so the burlap..I am a new follower and I will be back, come for a visit

{ L } said...


beautiful job on the lamp! I want some of that stuff on your driveway too. ;)

Happy Met Monday!

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

That is soooooo funny!!! (oh and like the lamp)

NM said...

The lamp looks so expensive and sophisticated. Great job.

Looking forward to coming back to see what you do with all that burlap-it's the "in-thing" at the moment isn't it!

Best wishes, NM.

Anonymous said...

I love the burlap sacks, and love the composition of that photo! You could lay a few actions on it and have a real work of art - very edgy, miss!


Sue said...

HI Gwen- Good thing you rescued all those bags before they had a chance to mildew. I'm glad you had such a great trip, and yes- those new lamps you bought DO look like skyscrapers!

I had a problem with my blog button yesterday and you will have to re-load it so it shows up- check your sidebar- it doesn't show a pic or a link anymore. I posted the new code early this morning. Thanks, Gwen!
hugs, Sue


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