Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Secret to Canning is the Music

     This is a non-traditional Thrifty Treasure/Metamorphosis Monday, but I am a non-traditional girl.

     Thanks to a lot of sage words of wisdom from Lucy at Lucy’s Life, I turned this………..

Into this……


No lemons were harmed in the making of this yummy strawberry mint jam. They were just on the table because I didn’t want to move them.

     The whole process is very thrifty, I had the jars and the sugar and scored the strawberries for 99 cents! I printed out the tags from Domestifluff and used ribbons that I bought from the Embellished Bayou Etsy shop.

     The hardest part was picked the right music to can to. That sounds funny, to can to. Say it five times fast. I started out with Michael Buble. Love the guy, lurve his old school crooning, but let me tell you, it just isn’t strawberry chopping music. I was bored and just wanted it over. I needed something to groove to.

     Then I had a moment of enlightenment. What I needed was Christina Aguilera. I was off.

“Ain't no other man, Chop, Chop, can stand up next to you, Chop, Chop.
Ain't no other man on the planet, Chop, Chop, does what you do, Chop, Chop

     Before I knew it, the chopping was over and the cooking was well under way. So the secret to canning is to pick the right music. You can also do what I did and wear tap shoes, but I don’t think that it is necessary:)

     Other thrifty treasure this week was a freebie from garage sale leftovers. (Be sure to always read CraigsList to catch these!) Isn’t this the cutest little Christmas cookie jar?

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     For many more canning tips, recipes and other good stuff, check out Lucy’s Kitchen. Until then, color me domestic!

Now where did I put that bread for toast. Come to think of it, where is the toaster? Jam, Jam, everywhere and not a toast in sight!


Michelle said...

I love to can and I know exactly how you feel afterwards looking at all the gleaming jars, neatly lined up on your countertop!

Tomorrow I'm making some of my Cherry Whiz Salsa and Lavendar Blueberry Jam..can't wait to get started!

Pearl Maple said...

Too funny, the choice of music and entertainment while cooking can make all the difference. Having grown up on a farm, really do miss the process of preserving, your family will enjoy those tasty treats in the months to come.

Lori said...

Cute cookie jar! I always love me some fresh home made jam. Well done!!

Wendy said...

Cute jar! I'm canning tonight, too. Got another batch of peaches to do, one done, and some baby food made up.

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

The jam sounds yummy! That cookie jar is adorable, too.


Shauna said...

That's funny, I need to take your advice about the music when I'm doing dishes! The jam looks yummy!

Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

Cute post. Maybe I need some music to motivate me too!

Jane said...

Enjoyed reading your post and I'm most impressed that you canned the strawberries!!

Sue said...

Now this is a combination of flavors that is new to me! But since I like them both individually, I can see no reason why they wouldn't go well together! What a hoot that you had to have the chopping music, Gwen!

That's a cute Christmas cookie jar you found. I really am already thinking of those winter holidays... I have vowed to be ready by the end of Nov. with all seven trees. They aren't all huge, so it won't be an unrealistic goal. But I'll be sure to find the right music!

hugs, Sue

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The look wonderful and such a cute cookie jar!
Home! What a wonderful place to make cozy and you certainly do it well.

Nola said...

I don't can, but I do eat homemade preserves and jams! Yum! I also crank up the music when working on a is mood altering!

Thanks for stopping by The Bloom Girls. I too am a CL addict!

Have a super day!
Nashville, TN

Alicia said...

Great job with the canning. I've always want to try that. The cookie jar is adorable. I ran over to craigslist to see what I could find for free in my area. I have a choice between a cat, white rocks or a camouflage couch. Think I'll pass today.

Julie said...

I do not can, but I sure love it when I get home made jam from friends...

Lucy Marie said...

I am so glad that you took the plunge and did some canning! It's really not too hard, is it?

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

You are so right. You do need the prefect music. I honor of Michael Jackson I put together a playlist of his tunes and have been canning to MJ this summer. It's been a fun summer~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

nannykim said...

My son was telling me about those Freebies--but I am not sure we have that in our cheap area--I should check it out.

I totally agree with you on the music. I used to have music on my recipe blog because I liked listening to it as I cooked. Music was very helpful ....I took the music off because I am sure some found it annoying and sometimes I did too ---but you can always shut it off manually--so really ...I am thinking I should put it back on that blog at least. I would like to taste some jam please.

Dawn said...

LOL!I'm sure those lemons were plenty scared watching you chop the heck out of those strawberries! They gave a sigh of relief when you didn't reach for the pitcher to make lemonade but they're wondering, "What next?"

Goodwill Haunting said...

Don't know how to can, wish I did ... looks yummy! Very cute cookie jar!

Traci said...

Ahh canning I wish I knew how. Jam sounds delish! Cute jar way to score! Traci

Kammy said...

Hey Gwen !
I wish I knew how to can...or maybe list is tooooooo long !
I wanted to thank you for visiting me before/after my surgery - your kind words ment the world to me - you are a sweetie !
I am just taking it slow today by visiting my favorite bloggers :o)


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