Friday, September 18, 2009

Gleefully Grateful


     I received the Lemonade- The Attitude of Gratitude Award from Tricia at The Boutelle Family Zoo and I can’t help it be touched.

The rules of accepting and sharing this award are:

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude
  3. Link to your nominees within your post.
  4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award
  5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.


“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” - Denis Waitley

     I honestly have no real idea where my “attitude of gratitude” comes from. Wisdom I guess, yeah, let’s call it that. Over time, I have learned that with patience, kindness, a good attitude, and being open to all possibilities, anything is possible. There isn’t one hour of my awake time that goes by that I don’t laugh and find the joy in the simplest of things. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world every day and I don’t let anything get me down for too long!

     Here are ten bloggers that make me smile, inspire me, make me try harder, think longer, look better, laugh more often, expand my horizons, feel just plain lucky and always have a great attitude.

  1. Pauline @ Struggling to Be Stylish (I also love her because she is sending me chocolate!)
  2. Dawn @ Cottage State of Mind (My first bloggy friend)
  3. Lucy Marie @ Lucy’s Life (Lucy has me turning in to a domestic goddess!)
  4. Nicole @ BugaBoos Creations (Fun and colorful)
  5. j r @ Frugality is Free (She is a sweetheart and is always saving me money)
  6. Sophie @ Opening Lines (She just started this blog and I can’t wait to see where she goes with it)
  7. Jane @ Mamie Jane’s (Faithful reader and fellow silver collector)
  8. Sue @ Sullivan & Murphy (read about her adventures with Moles for a belly aching laugh!)
  9. Leigh @ Tales from Bloggaritaville (She has great blog parties and is always supportive)
  10. Rachel @ The Cottage Child (She is so multi-faceted!)

     I can’t thank Tricia enough for making me realize what great people I am connected with! I guess that you could say that I really have the “attitude of gratitude” in spades this week!



Jane said...

Gwen...thank you so much for nominating me for this award...I feel very honored!! I will have time on Sunday to post about who I would like to nominate for this award (I've got garage sale duties tomorrow!) Thanks again!!

Embellished Bayou said...

Congrats on the award, you deserve it!

Dawn said...

Congrats Gwen you certainly deserve this one. And thanks for passing it on to me. I love the creativity that goes into making up these awards. I am honored to be your friend!
Now make sure you put your award in a safe place, we don't want Murphy chewing it up!

kastz said...


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Congrats Gwen and Thank You So very Much!!! So sweet of you to think of me!! I will get this posted tonight on my blog!

Lucy Marie said...

Thank you so much. So sweet of you. xoxo.

Struggler said...

Thank you so much, I'm flattered and honored.
What a cute award logo, too.

Sue said...

Oh Gwen, I totally missed seeing this! Thanks for thinking of me, my friend. I try to be upbeat and make my way without being a pain in the wazoo. Hope others see it that way, too. Life is much too short to be making a fuss about the small stuff. We all have our burdens to bear,so we just have to make the best of it all and go on. Thanks for always having kind words to say.
love ya, Sue

SophiesMark said...

Oh cool! Thanks :)

FrugalMom said...

You are so sweet, thank you for putting me on your list Gwen, I will have to put mine together. You are always so sweet and kind, and it is amazing how much you have helped me in so many different ways.


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