Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend



This is Mr. Pumpkin Head and he came to live with me thanks to Melissa Marie at Huckleberry Prairie. She had a giveaway and I won! Isn’t he precious???

Huckleberry Prairie is a riot of color, fun times, creativeness, and some great recipes. She is also originally from California, so I knew that I would like her right away.

Melissa Marie is having another giveaway that you can enter!

To enter the “Owltastic” Giveaway, please run over and enter before Saturday, September 19th at midnight CST.

Thanks so much, Melissa Marie. You warm up not only my Halloween but my whole mood!


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

That is so cute!!! I love it!

You won my giveaway for the Eat Cake print from My Sweet Savannah!! Email me your address so I can get it to her!! Yeaahhh!! Congrats!

Jane said...

What a cute it made out of papier mache? I just see from the comment above that you won another giveaway!!! This is your lucky week!!

Struggler said...

What a fun guy! I love the expression on his face.

You are indeed having a great week :)


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