Friday, April 16, 2010

Never Trust A Man to Pick Out A House!


Not too long ago I mentioned that I had never seen the inside of this house we are moving to. Many of the comments told me that I was brave and that I must have complete trust in my buddy Art.

I blindly responded to almost all of you that I did trust him, the house looked great from the outside and that he knows what I like, so it will be fine.

SMACK.ME. If I ever fall to such naive lows ever again.

Here is our new cottage

Cute, right? Now, think of the words you think of when you think cute….words small, tiny, miniature, etc. No where near cute do the words spacious, rambling, open floor plan, etc come to mind. Right?

Can you see where this is going?

I finally got to see the new pad on Monday and have been in a bit of a shocky state ever since. I am not sure if my couch is going to fit and the idea of a coffee table is a pipe dream. The closets are those narrow ones that are more like the hall closets of yore.

The kitchen? Well, it isn’t too bad, but it is going to need some serious decorating to make it look less like a galley.

Don’t you love those peel ‘n stick tiles? My mantra all week has been, “At least there will be less to clean.”

My favorite part of the new house is the back yard. There is a seasonal creek that runs behind the house, sort of a ravine and it is a beautiful jungle of plants and trees.

That is the view from my bedroom window. I know some may not like that jungle, but I love it. Jungles mean no cars or people and just letting nature do what she does. It is calming and inspiring to me at the same time.

So, the house is compact, but the yard is uplifting. I can live with that. I sure won’t be signing my name on the dotted line again without seeing a house for myself, but it could have been much worse.

The big move is happening Monday. I can’t wait until it is over!


FrugalMom said...

Well, from the outside it really does look extremely cute and cozy....almost like a dream:)

I'm sure that once you put your own touches to the place, you will feel a lot more at home. Do you have a place to put up a hammock outside? That jungle looks fantastic!!

I too love jungles, and I sure miss having one around. We live in a corner spot, and our backyard is just as visible to everyone as our front yard.

Dawn said...

Well, the dogs certainly won't be laying in the kitchen watching you cook!

I have a galley kitchen too, with 3 doors! One to the dinning room, one to son's room and one to the laundry room/back yard. Not sure which is worst, me cooking in a hallway or you cooking in that dead end. It's making me claustraphobic just looking at it. Hmmm, silver lining, silver lining where is that silver lining? Oh yeah, less to clean, and you can clean the whole kitchen standing in one spot!

Have fun packing, wish I could help. At least it's got that great back yard!


Struggler said...

Just goes to show, even our most beloved guys are not to be trusted at this!
Hopefully, once you settle in, you can figure out a nice lifestyle with plenty of outdoors time, followed by coming home and cozying in your new nest.

Cotton Blossom said...

WHY THE HECK DO THESE POSTS NOT SHOW UP ON MY DASHBOARD???? ARRRGGHHH. I'm a missin you and just pooped in on the off chance...actually I popped in, but whatever...anyway you should be completely unpacked by now...after all, what more could you squeeze into that place other than a couple of forks and a necktie...why the necktie, because it's late that's why.

Anyway the bungalow is darling AND you have a dishwasher and a wet weather creek...hey we both have one now!!! Only mine is like 20 miles from where I live so I can't look out my window at it...SILVER LININGS ABOUND!!!!


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