Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am out of the Dog House and over at Embellished Bayou!

I am off doing a jewelry guest post for Christy over at Embellished Bayou, so head on over there and see what we are up to!

She is a blast to work with and always so ready to lend this newbie blogger a hand.

What are ya waiting for?? Don’t you want to see some my dazzling necklaces???

Embellished Bayou


Dawn said...

On my way!

Dawn said...

Great stuff girl! I can see how that tray would be a great help. Cotton Candy Love is delicious! I'm 100% sure I would have more beads on the floor than on my necklace though.

Angela said...

Wow This is pretty. I love how the matching earings make it look complete!

marmielu said...

Wow! I just popped over there and took a quick look (because I am supposed to being doing something like sewing, but after shoveling a bit, I thought I deserved a break.), and I can't wait to seriously read that. I have been hankering to try my hand at jewelry making. You are an enabler, girl!
Mary Lou

Maria Killam said...

Going there next to see your talents!


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