Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging About Blogging #2

You just knew that there had to be a follow up to the first Blogging About Blogging.

I am still a woman confused, baffled, bedazzled and wonky about my bloggy plan. I look like this..

Linocut, girl, who feels confused

Linocut, girl, who feels confusedpumpurum’s shop, $14.90

First off, do you listen to podcasts? I didn’t until I stumbled on Sister Diane at CraftyPod. Usually, I pass podcasts up because it is way too easy for me to tune them out, but if you blog, you owe it to yourself to listen to CraftyPod #93: Craft Blogging. (note:you don’t need an ipod or anything to listen to these, just click play on the page)

Sister Diane made it all clear to me. I am doing this all wrong. I am not writing about things that I am passionate about, so it often seems like a chore. I am busy trying to craft a post that is a how to, fits a meme, or just plain piggy backs on others ideas. I hate it. It isn’t me. I don’t wanna do it anymore.

See, I am learning that I am more of a show & tell person, not a teacher. Being a teacher implies that you have patience and a plan. Newsflash-I have no patience and there is never a plan.

I can’t show you how I went from point A to point B and finally ended up at point C with a project. I have no idea how I got there, how am I going to draw you a map? THIS. ISN’T. ME.

So, what does all this mean? How can I stop hiding behind this mask so often?

Peacock Confusion in Viridian and Violet Faecourt Masquerade Original Watercolor

Peacock Confusion in Viridian and Violet Faecourt Masquerade Original Watercolor, by Carapace, $25

  • I need to find my passion, perhaps before I really figure out my niche.
  • I need to identify my weaknesses and try to learn to use them in my favor.

How can I do that, unmask myself, & not scare all of you away in the process? Do you think that you would still like me if I looked more like this?


A Little Confused 8X10 Print, by Ellie J. Wilson, $18.

Are you still with me?

What are your passions?

What are your strengths?

Are their aspects of blogging that make it feel like a chore or a bore for you?

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to go listen to CraftyPod #93 and tell us how you feel about blogging and your blog. There are some other helpful links on that page too.

Note: This accompaning art gallery was brought to you by, but inspired by Struggling to Be Stylish and her Art Chaos.

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PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I hear ya. My last post was about blazing my own trail. I kept it light, but there is a lot of meaning behind it.
I also do not want to write a step by step on how to do something. BORING!
Good luck with finding your passion and blazing your own trail...
Cindy at Lakewood

Struggler said...

Well, thanks so much for the link, and I really like A Little Confused but of course I'm not buying any more art for the time being!
I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but blogging is indeed a very funny business and trying to imitate the big guns can feel very awkward sometimes. (Me, I have a gazillion photos for a post called "How to change a doorknob" and I'm not sure I'll ever publish that!
Keep us posted with what you find that works for you.

Cotton Blossom said...
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Cotton Blossom said...

Arrgghh. I typed out this really lengthy response to your post after analyzing it most of the morning. Then, I remembered I have exactly ONE regular reader.((Dawn))

So I should prob just stick with doling out advice that fits my pay grade... How's "Keep on truckin, Gwen."

Feel Better?

My name means Wisdom said...

Is that a pregnant linocut girl? Is there a hidden message in this bloggy post?

I am so not a teacher type either...well, only when it comes to ppl who don't know anything about anything and I find the need to set them straight.

Hmm, I am more of a run around in circle debater with a tacky board full of stuffs that I want to tell people all about.

So, I am going to stick to the blabbermouth style that I have. :)

Oh, I got my personal, blab about everything blog started-- finally.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I didn't listen to the podcast but have to throw my 2 cents worth in: Blog like you don't give a care about what anyone else wants. That's the only way to do it. Kick over the traces. People might leave; let 'em. Be yrself!!!

Dawn said...

Holly's right, even though she spells funny. But that's her style and I visit her almost every day not just becaue of her great free graphics but because she's interesting and has a great big heart! Just like you. Now, as far as Cotton Blossom goes, well I left a message on her blog for both of you so make sure you go back and check it out. I haven't yet met the other ladies who commented but I think many of us feel the same. It's hard enough to fiugre out what we want for ourselves, never mind what others want from us. I started out wanting to talk more about decorating and remodeling but since I suck at housekeeping and don't want you all seeing my kids dirty underware or the dogs half eaten rawhides I had to improvise. I think I actually enjoy blogs that mix it up a bit the best. I love pretty photos and cool new ideas but I also like hearing stories and seeing family photos etc. We get to know people that way and that's what keeps us coming back.

By the way, have you read your header???...maybe you shouldn't try so hard to plan out your blog... mabye, like Murphy, you need to test those boundraies before returning home. (Has he brought anything interesting home from the neighbors yard lately?) Let your blog evolve and grow and you might just be surpised how fast it becomes what you were looking for all along. Gee, you've got me going all prophetic. I'll step down from my platform now...
Button making school starts soon.

Dawn said...

Good thing you like to read so much, huh?

Cotton Blossom said...

Yo, you need to go read your own post at chew and digest...the one about the Professor.

Dawn, I was thinking the same thing about her header, you go girl!

(I have no idea why I'm talking like this today,sorry.)

marmielu said...

You know, I really enjoy you.....and if you looked like that last picture, I would hug you! I will have to take some time to listen to the podcast, but right now if I don't start dinner, I may have a problem. Thanks for all this.
Mary Lou

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Gwen...Hey, I'll make it short. It's your blog. You do what you want and talk about what interests you! Don't worry about what others think. People with similar interests seem to find each other...just like in real lfe! Happy week!...Debbie

Maria Killam said...

YOu know what Gwen, I'm considering going to the Blogher conference in New York in August so I can figure out how to navigate my way in blog land!
Excellent post, I can relate!

Alaina said...

Hi, I found you through Dawn and Blossom, I'm Alaina. One of the Chit Chat girls. Dawn said you made her blow nose soda so I had to come visit. I like bloggers who know how to do more than take a picture. I checked out your other blog also. Man you read a lot. I come from a reading family and I love to read but I kind of gave it up. I tend to not ANYTHING else when I read, not good when you have 3 small children. Anyway, I like the way you blog, oh and good luck with the new house. Nope, no way in hell would I ever let my honey pick out my house. You are a good wife and you have a great attitude about it. I am off to read more of your blog. Nice to meet you.


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