Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Think That I Have a Tapeworm


Depending on my hormonal status, I have a week or two of eating a lot & then weeks of not eating much. The last 2 months or so, it hasn’t tapered off. Yet, I haven’t gained weight. (I haven’t stepped on a scale though.)

Seriously, I am ALWAYS hungry and am putting food away like a high school football team. Yes, I Said The Whole Team. Even the other two legged person in my life has mentioned it.

“You are going to eat us out of house & home.”

“You eat twice as much as I do.”

“Are you sure that you got enough?” 

I am going to start putting my name on the tupperware containers, otherwise I will never get to eat.”

I would like to think that it is my new medication. Excuse me while I go google………..{Insert really cool hold music here}………….No, while side effects listed include bizarre behavior, worsening aggressiveness, trouble concentrating, impulsiveness, which explains mucho, no mentioning of increased appetite. In fact, it specifically lists DEcreased appetite.

This is the point in a normal blog post where I would show you a picture of what it is about. I once again let google do the work, but there are no pictures of tape worms that aren’t vomit inducing.

I will go with this picture.

This is where I will be spending a lot of time if I keep eating so much. Come on, you can’t tell me that you have never wanted to see what being in the real dog house is like. Not a flattering picture, but I like to keep it real and while they say bald is beautiful, sunburns hurt.

This all brings me back to me having a tapeworm. I am sure that there is another explanation, I just haven’t found one yet.


Hey, you gonna eat that?


Andrew said...

Did you know tapeworms can also live in your brain? It's true. See? It could be worse!

Dawn said...

Gwen, I think it's PTSS, Post Traumatic Stove Syndrome! But you better ask the vet just to make sure...

Hope the med is doing it's thing. With your move and all I'm afraid I'd forgotten about that. Be well my friend!

Struggler said...

I hate to be rude, but have you seen the photos your Google ads are serving up? They're somewhat puke-making :)
But more seriously, I hope there's nothing sinister going on and that good old metabolism is the explanation.

FrugalMom said...

Well, I sure hope you find out what it is Gwen. My friends sister-in-law moved from Africa to Denmark, and after about a year of stomach issues, she finally hat to sit with her foot in a bucket while they pulled out some kind of sickening worm...it was one of those tropical things that scares me away from visiting any country too tropical:)

FairfieldHouse said...


You overlooked other causes: consumption of cannabis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, mania, and pregnancy.


Alyna @ Better Your Blog said...

Are you *still* eating a bunch? I used to eat like that in high school but now I eat more like a normal person - still though, I can clean my plate when sometimes my boyfriend can't...it isn't embarassing...usually! ;-)

Cotton Blossom said...

What? how did I miss these? I was blogging then, I'm pretty sure, anyway. I'm going to try following again and see what happens, I have NOTHING on my dashboard from you. NOTHING.

Are you still hungry? I'll feed you.


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