Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Miracle Almost Ruined by a Dog. (This time it wasn't Murphy Grace)


Long before Murphy Grace and I found each other and I started to blog, I was a member of a another great community,  I met people like j r of the blog, Frugality is Free, Heather of My Frugal Family and Sophie of Opening Lines.

The online friendships are something that I really treasure on Gather, but I have a secret. They have great contests and I love those too.

On Wednesday, thanks to Gather and Hallmark, I won a contest to send my daddy to me for Christmas. The prize package included airfare, $250 in transportation costs and a $100 Hallmark gift card. (If interested, you can check out my entry)

I was overjoyed because I haven’t seen my dad in years and he has never even met the love of my life, Art or Murphy Grace. (Is is possible to have two loves in a life?)

What should have been a great thing turned into an emotional nightmare because my dad has a dog. He didn’t want to fly with this little 7 pound wonder because he was worried about her stress levels. Yet, he didn’t want to leave her with a boarder either.

He also didn’t get the concept of when you win a contest like this, there are some ground rules, like he has to travel on certain dates, etc.

There were a lot of phone calls between him and I and a lot of emails between the wonderful people at Gather and I, but for my sanity, I had to stop. It is not so great to seem less important than a dog and it really felt like my dad was passing up the chance to see me after it had been seven long years for a dog.

I couldn’t take it anymore; when I say emotional nightmare, I mean it. I finally emailed Gather and asked them to give the prize to the runner up, someone that has a family that really wants to see them.

IT HURT! More than the black eyes and a conked head, let me tell you.

A few hours and many more tears later, my dad called and told me that he had rented a car and they would be here on the 20th. (Mind you, if he had just been open to this a few hours earlier, Gather probably would have paid for it)

So, this year, for Christmas, this little girl is going to see her daddy and gonna have to hold herself back from strangling a 7 pound Chihuahua named Abbie.

My Gather friends don’t know this story yet because I have been waiting for Gather to announce the change. I sure hope that they do give it to the runner up. I am totally embarrassed and hope that all the other entrants understand.

I was just a girl, who wanted to see her daddy for Christmas and now doesn’t like Chihuahuas. Murphy Grace will crush her like a bug, I better watch that:)

P.S. because of all of this drama, I am way behind in reading and responding to my bloggy friends. I will catch up soon.


Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

I am so sorry about all of the problems, but I am glad your father decided to rent a car. It must be very hard not to be near family, especially during the holidays.

I hope he is able to arrive safe & sound, and that the roads are nice and clear!

Tricia said...

Oh Gwen, I'm so sorry that this wonderful prize had to come with such angst. I hope that you will get to enjoy your time together. Seven years is indeed a very long time. What a Christmas blessing. (Hopefully one that doesn't include a dog homicide. ;)


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Only family can cause that much drama! I'm glad a solution was found, but if I hear of a Chihuahuacide on the news, I'll understand. :) Big hugs to you and Murphy Grace!

FrugalMom said...

Gwen, I'm so sorry to hear about all of that trouble. ALVN is right, only family can cause that much drama. I'm glad your dad is still coming to visit you though, and I hope he really does arrive...even with the Chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

Breathe in, breathe out, darling. And remember that Chihuahuas are people, too. Dads - well - SOMETIMES they're people, too. Empathy with your plight abounds at the CC.

And you know we all still think you're a winner, never a runner up.

Love and Merry Christmas.

Jane said...

I'm sorry too to read about all the turmoil that winning a wonderful prize caused. First, congratulations on winning the prize and wanting to bring your Dad to visit you at Christmas. Seven years is a long time! When you saw things weren't working out for the airfare you did a wonderful thing passing on that prize to someone else that could benefit from the ticket. You gave a great Christmas gift to someone else. I'm glad your Dad saw what this meant to you and is renting a car to spend the holidays with you. Enjoy your time together catching up!!!

linda said...

Family...such a love/hate relationship at times isn't it!

So glad it's all working out. Have a wonderful father/daughter Christmas!

Mimi said...

Gwen, regardless of how your father gets to your home, at least he will be there to spend the holiday with you...celebrate! I have a relative or two that can be a thorn in my side, too!

Struggler said...

Oh, complicated, complicated. And too bad he's bringing with him what my Mom would call a rat on a string ;)
(Sorry, chihuahua lovers!).
But I do hope it works out well in the end... Either way, you still have Art and MG to cuddle.

Struggler said...

Hey, it's me, I'm back because I just read your survey entry. I had no idea you'd been through so much and I am so sorry to hear you still have more treatment to come. I'm crossing my fingers for a peaceful and happy Christmas for you.

Maria Killam said...

Congrats how wonderful that you will see your Dad this Christmas!!

marmielu said...

Oh, Gwen! I am glad everything seems to have worked out, and hope all goes well. I hope it is a good reunion, and Murphy Grace has good manners! ;-)

Dawn said...

I'm glad your father decided to make the trip. It could end up being just the thing you need to re-connect.

Sunny says to tell Murphy to watch out for that little dog, they're tricky. They get in your face then when you accidently squash them everyone thinks it's your fault cause your the big one, when really you were just trying to get away from that annonying yapping!

Loved your list of favorites at Penniwigs, especially the one about comments. It's so nice when someone gets sarcasm! ;) Have a great day Sloopy!

Dawn and Sunny

Struggler said...

I just saw your Tweet - best of luck!!


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