Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Bloody Nose, A Slight Concussion & Maybe Another Giant Dog..

It has been a busy week here at Murphy Grace Home, let me take you on a trip back to last Thursday…inset weird time warp music here……

While I don’t follow any organized religion, I do enjoy learning about other people’s views and their faiths. With that in mind, I have taken to weekly discussions with a nice Jehovah’s Witness person named Darlene. We wax on the bible, talk about the events of the day, compare their teachings to my Catholic upbringing, etc.

Thursday, sitting on the front patio, we are chatting about the role of women in marriage when Murphy Grace manages to get out from the backyard. He is not, uh, how do I put this, very socialized or very graceful. (hence the middle name) He lands in my lap, where with his 70 plus pounds of overabundance he smacks me in the nose with his hard head.

There is blood everywhere very quickly. The Jehovah’s Witness lady, who I lovingly refer to the “Up with Jesus” lady behind her back has nothing to say except, “That is a lot of blood.” Meanwhile, I am trying to staunch the flow biting my lip to stop the flow of cuss words that is flying through my brain at Murphy Grace. If I was still a practicing Catholic, I would have to gone to confession for just thinking those words if you know what I mean.

We all lived and looking back, the whole thing was rather funny. Of course, it wasn’t so funny when I woke up on Friday with a nice black eye, but as long as I don’t look in the mirror, I am golden.

…..insert time warp music here again….

Last night, I deserved this one. I was trying to do a replay of sorts of Murphy Grace once again, proving the laws of physics. You see, minutes earlier he had bashed his head on the closed sliding glass door. This is a frightenly regular occurrence in our home, except this time, instead of just hearing the thud, I was there to witness it. (It isn’t like I even keep the doors clean mind you, he just doesn’t look)

So here I am, pretending that the back of the couch was the glass door and mimicking his idiotic crash, when I see a black blur. Next thing I know, I am flat out on the living room floor and while I can hear Art laughing, he also has a sort of worried look on his face. The darn dog hit me so hard on the right side of the head that I actually conked out for a bit. This time, I can’t even think of any cuss words because it feels like my skull is cracked and my brain is leaking out from somewhere to the left.

I was worried about going to sleep. Aren’t ya not supposed to go to sleep when ya get conked on the head? My head hurt too much to google it, so I just gambled on it being an old wives tale and hit the hay.

I am still trying to shake a horrible headache and now two black eyes today when my mom calls from the local animal shelter. It seems that they have two Great Danes that need a home and she wonders if I would like them. Gotta love a mom that remembers that you have a thing for Great Danes, but her timing sucks.

I am not so sure that my body can take it, so I told her that I would think about it………

Editing this to add one of the Danes that my mom wants me to look at. He is a mix and weighs in at over 100 pounds….

Say hi to Tuxedo, he looks a lot like Murphy, only bigger.

I am still thinking….and aching….any good make up tips to cover up two black eyes?


Dawn said...

I don't wear much make up but with the weather as it is maybe a pair of ski goggles would work. Just keep them kinda loose!

You poor thing! I just knew someone was going to get a good knock on the head after two other bloggers got their bells rung. Sue at Murphy and Sullivan and Old Dame Penniwig both bumped their noggins pretty bad. It comes in threes you know, so now I can take off the hard hat I've been wearing for a few weeks! LOL!

It is so hard not to bring home every dog that needs a home. Might want to wait a few days to make that decision. They would be awfully cute together though!

Hope you feel better soon!

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

Wow... I'd have had a difficult time in front of the Jehovah's Witness with the bloody nose.

Hey, Gwen- do you still want a hat?

Jane said...

What a week you've had!! I'm sorry to hear about all the bumped heads and black eyes. I'm sure Murphy feels bad about all of the turmoil. Hope the headache goes away soon...and as far as good make-up hints....I'll have to refer to someone else on that one!

FrugalMom said...

Wow, that sure is quite a week Gwen. I don't even know what to say, but I sure hope you heal fast and don't get into any more trouble.

Struggler said...

Twice in one week! That's terrible and I knew it was really bad when you said you felt too rotten to google it. I'm sure Murphy Grace feels terrible at causing you so much pain.
The best thing to do probably is wear your black eyes with pride and enjoy the colors.
And don't be too surprised if you've scared off Ms Up with Jesus :)

Struggler said...

PS - I'm amused to see that the sponsored links are offering you a personal injury lawyer. I don't recommend you sue your own dog.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

When my cat gave me a black eye by jumping backwards into my face, everyone sort of snickered at my story. Later a different cat punched me in the other eye.

Our black lab -- I would NEVER have a lab again -- hits against things SO HARD...I feel so bad for her...but sounds like M.G. is into sharing the pain with you...OW...

NO, do NOT sleep if you get a concussion. GO TO THE E.R. next time!!! Be on the safe side!!!

Our neighbor has 5 Great Danes and they are truly wonderful animals. One of our vets does Great Dane rescue and used to breed them. He says they are wonderful but he now just has chihuahuas...

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness, Gwen!

Alright, I know I sound like a nervous nellie mom here but Karlee hit her head really badly this summer from a fall and when we took her to the ER the thing they told me is that as long as vision and sensory issues have not developed and that she DID NOT LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS at all, it was probably okay. Just keep an eye out. If you were actually knocked out for a second, PLEASE, please be really conscientious about your state. If you have ANY concerns, please get straight to the doctor. Especially if Murphy Grace hit you in your temple. My cousin died from a softball hit straight to the temple. I know. I'm a freak. Just please be aware. Better safe than sorry, right?!

Alright. End of mommy lecture. As far as the two giant great danes go, God Bless you for even considering it. I can't imagine. ;)


Sue said...

Ouch! I hope you don't have 1/10th of what I have been going through. This closed head injury of mine has been a real kick in the butt! ( or should I say, Head?) It's been a month now and I am better, but certainly not back to my old self. Dizziness is always there... some days better than others. At least I didn't get the black eyes! You are an angel to take in a dog. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Would you quit that? I can't take the worry. Have you considered wearing a helmet?


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