Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where in the World are Gwen & Murphy Grace?


You may remember, the last time that I was here I was doing some really heavy blog soul searching. I was searching for my passion because that was what all the know it all’s in the blogging world say that you need in order to blog.

I searched high and low for my soul, passion, cheese, whatever the magic buzzword is of the moment. (let’s just call it the stuff that makes you tick) I learned something about myself that was enlightening to say the least.

(The point of this picture will become clear below)

While I like crafting, decorating, thrifting, what have you, it is just something that I do. Like breathing, it is something of a necessity. To live, I have to breath. To decorate and have some semblance of home, I have to craft and thrift because my chosen profession brings in very little money.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the challenge of it. I totally consider the fact that I can look at something ugly and picture a few changes that will make it beautiful a gift. I like being creative, I just hate blogging about it and trying to dress it up as something fabulous.

Where was I? Oh yeah, what I really want to do is direct! No, that wasn’t it.

So what in the world am I passionate about besides dogs, goats and a guy named Art? What has always been a part of my life that I wouldn’t part with? Something that I know a lot about, yet is always changing and expanding in creative ways? What can I do no matter the weather or how sick & rotten I feel?

I read and review books, I mean a lot of books.

(I may be wrong, but I think that my dogs were ostriches separated at birth)

Chew & Digest Books was born way before MurphyGrace.com and I have been dedicating some major time to that long discarded blog. The writing and reading just flows out of me like Guinness beer water.

The moral of the story is blog about what makes you tick. This will now be a more personal place, as opposed to the all thrifty crafting decorating mish mash. If you read, come visit me at Chew & Digest. If you don’t read, what in the world are you waiting for?


Jane said...

Hi Gwen,
I don't do much reading but can I come and visit at Chew & Digest anyway??
It's important to do what's important for you. It sounds like you know what makes you tick and that's where you should devote your time.
I shall miss your thrifty, crafty decorating mish mash but I'm happy you're happy!

FrugalMom said...

I was wondering what happened to you Gwen. I love books, but finding the time is my problem.

I am VERY close to finishing my second book of the year, which is quite an accomplishment considering the fact that I only read two books last year.

Oh well, it's not that I don't read, it's just that I read LOTS of children's books every day, and these three energy balls keep me VERY busy.

I will follow you wherever you go!!!

Cotton Blossom said...

How come I just happened on to this post??? How come it didn't show up in my dashboard???
How come you didn't worry when you didn't see my name in this comment section and then besiege me with emails about why I don't love you anymore?

So if this is gonna be a personal blog, do we still get to come hang out here?

What am I passionate about?

How come I can't stop typing?

What is with all of these questions?

Dawn said...


Sue said...

Beer (water) is a good thing.... I will visit you! xo Sue

Sniff said...

Hi! First, from about a month ago your blog was no longer updated on my blogroll, and only as I went searching the net I found this one. I see from the comments others missed the change too. Also, I noticed the cute face of your dog was no longer visible on my followers list. Sorry to see you go, but I completely understand people have different interests. Unfortunately, I don't read much books as I have trouble with my cognitive skills after the chemo and has more than enough with getting through my syllabus. As such I'm afraid I don't have much to contribute to when it comes to books.

Anyway, wish you all the best, both healthwise and bloggingwise.

Kind regards,



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